Assembly instructions – Metal transfer case for WPL RC trucks

I just got a metal transfer case and motor for my WPL C14 crawler truck in the mail. It requires some assembly and there were no instructions included.

It can look intimidating because there are several parts but the assembly is rather easy.

This is what comes in the package.

Take the half of the transfer case housing with three holes (instead of two) and using two screws (marked with red arrows) attach it on the motor. Then take the gear with the slightly larger center hole (the other two won’t fit) and secure it on the motor axle with the tiny hex screw.

Attach the gear in such way that there’s a small gap between the gear and transfer case so the two don’t rub together.

Next comes the intermediate shaft:

The red dot marks the position of the hex screw.

This is what the finished shaft should look like:

And the other side:

Now attach a washer and a bearing on one end of the shaft.

Then insert the axle into the transfer case and attach another washer / bearing on the other end.

The two gears should line up nicely.

Next, the main shaft. Again, the red dot indicates the location of the hex screw.

The finished shaft, complete with washers and bearings:

All axles in place:

Before screwing on the other half of the casing, add some grease. I used motorcycle chain spray grease.

Make sure that the bearings and gear faces are covered with a thin layer, but don’t go overboard. Too much grease and it will simply start leaking, making a mess.

Then, secure the other half of the casing with the long thin black screws. Some transfer case models have six holes, mine had only four:

This is the finished motor/transfer case assembly:

Now apply some voltage, 4 to 7 volts on the motor terminals. It should rotate nicely, with no weird/grinding sounds.

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